We are a 1920’s New Orleans style Dixieland jazz band. We’ve been entertaining people since 2017 and regularly draw crowds of 200+ to our monthly summer performances. Our lively music, colourful costumes and our unique blend of Dixieland or Trad Jazz music has never failed to get people smiling and dancing playing songs including…

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Our next public performance

Jazz in Clarence Park
Sunday 28th July 2pm to 6pm,
Clarence Park,
St Albans, AL1 4NF.

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Weddings and parties

Our Dixieland jazz band is ideal for entertaining guests as they arrive at a venue, during drinks or as part of an evening’s entertainment.

We do not need any power and are able to play on most surfaces including firm grass. Our compact setup means that we don’t take up much space and we can move between locations quickly and easily.

Conferences and events

Dixieland jazz is ideal for enhancing the atmosphere at any large gathering. Our experienced musicians are able to control the volume to match the circumstances. When required we can produce music that will carry over the noise of a crowd.

You can alter the size of the band to meet your needs and the space available. We do not need power and can play on most hard surfaces both indoors and outside.


Dixieland jazz bands are often used in the southern states of the US to accompany the cortège at a funeral. We can play at a slow walk or march and have a wide range of hymns for you to choose from.

We can also provide uplifting and celebratory music for a wake or social gathering tailored to meet your requirements.


We offer competitive rates and can alter the number of musicians to suit your needs and budget.

If you are looking for a Dixieland jazz band with a unique look and sound for your event then please get in touch. If you would like to know more about the band or read our reviews then please follow the links.